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Kitchen Renovation 101: Make Room for Storage
Preparing to sell your home? More than the look and feel of your kitchen, one important focal point that will sell your property is your kitchen’s storage. Having lots of room for kitchen storage is such a practical aspect to have in your place and is guaranteed to attract buyers looking for a home with contemporary functions. Here are some clever ideas that will optimise the storage in your kitchen and help sell your property much faster!...
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Tile Design Choices for Your Bathroom Renovations
Utilising tiles as a prominent design for your bathroom is a popular phenomenon, not simply for its aesthetic appeal but because it’s a practical choice for walls frequently exposed to water. Designing with tiles makes your bathroom look and feel like a cared for and valuable part of the house, so here are some tile design tips for your bathroom that will make potential property buyers take notice. Think symmetrical A symmetrical that ...
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A Guide to Styling Small Bedrooms
Small bedrooms can appear claustrophobic and stifling. If you’re renovating for profit you need to consider the possibility that small bedrooms may drive away potential buyers who notice the lack of space. Here are some bedroom renovation ideas that can help you make small rooms more appealing. Minimalist colour schemes A simple colour scheme helps to create the illusion that your bedroom is bigger. The edges, from the wall to the ceiling, ...
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6 Tips on How to Make a Tiny Bathroom Look Deluxe
There are lots of factors to consider when you’re preparing to sell your home. As a seller, you want your place to tick all the boxes on a buyer’s checklist. Renovating is one way to achieve that. Leave prospective buyers awe-struck by turning an outdated bathroom into a luxurious one. It’s a fact that a spacious and updated bathroom attracts home buyers, and an updated bathroom can boost a property’s value. If you’re renovating for ...
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A Guide to Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Home Renovation
Most, if not all people selling a home want to renovate for profit before they sell and get the best possible price. Renovating on your own can be an exhausting and demanding. It requires a lot of time, energy and effort. So, a helping hand is always appreciated. One factor that has a big impact on your home’s overall look is its flooring. Here’s a guide on how to renovate a house by choosing the right flooring. Update, modernise, and give...
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Paint Colours That Will Help Sell Your Property
“Can I renovate and sell my property without having to spend too much?” The answer is YES! Painting your home is one of the cheapest ways to give it a new look, however a fresh coat of paint can either make it aesthetically pleasing or drastically turn off buyers, so it’s important that you choose the right shade. If you want to sell your house faster, always opt for re-painting. Here are some paint colours that will attract prospective ...
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