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Renovate now pay when sold

Renovating your property can help boost the sale price and help you sell faster!


About us

Fix Now, Sell Soon, Pay Later

It’s time to sell your property. As if banks, conveyancers and removalists weren’t enough to deal with, the estate agent has given you the hard word.

Your property is tired, outdated and totally underwhelming – with some glaring structural problems thrown in.
If buyers don’t head off into the sunset on first glance, they’ll be beating you down on price.

Renovation is essential to win viewings, stand out from the competition and maximise sale price.

But it costs upfront. It’s complicated. Tradies are hard both to find and manage. And it’s so easy to get the whole process wrong.

Enter Fix Sell Pay

We’re Melbourne renovators with a difference. We understand the Catch 22 of house sales. You can’t raise the lump sum required for renovation before you find a buyer. Yet you can’t win the buyer until you find the lump sum to present your house, unit or apartment in the best possible light.

No problem. Fix Sell Pay bridges this gap pretty much every day of the week.

Our specialist consultant sits down with you, gives expert advice, works out precisely what you want your property to look like, and fixes it up using a wide, established network of contractors, service providers and estate agents.

We listen, advise and arrive at a renovation solution to suit your property, aspirations and budget.

And here’s the best bit. You don’t have to pay a cent until your house is sold and settled – zero stress and maximum result.

A complete, tailored solution

From initial phone call or web inquiry to completion of your chosen renovation, we take care of everything – leaving you free to deal with the other pressing concerns of selling a property and moving house.


  • Assess your property through a detailed on-site consultation.
  • Work out an itemised quote and prepare your property for sale.
  • Present you with a property renovated to exact specification.
  • Receive our payment only at deposit release or property settlement.

Whether your property needs a minor facelift or major overhaul, we take care of it on time and on budget – ensuring a quality renovation to help add value to your home.

Your estate agent will love you for it. And so will your family, stress levels and bank balance.

Can we help?

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+ Assess the situation
We visit your home, assess + quote on agreed aesthetic improvements
+ Quick implementation
Once the quote is accepted, our professional team swiftly implement the improvements
+ No up front costs
We don’t get paid until your property is sold, and the cost of our work is finalised through your listing agent, not you.
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