Top 3 Benchtop Materials for your Kitchen

8 Oct, 2019 | blog

So you’re renovating your kitchen for profit and now you’re wondering what you can do to make your benchtop look smarter. It’s one of the main focal points of your kitchen, so it has to provide both functional and visual appeal. A simple benchtop that fits the overall interior of your kitchen can be made to look more valuable quite easily. Here are some ideas to help your renovation property for sale.

Going Natural with Stone

The stone kitchen bench is becoming more and more common. With loads of variants to choose from you can match your benchtop to the colour scheme of your kitchen. Stone is durable, and engineered stone is considered generally versatile. Marble kitchen benches also give the kitchen a more deluxe aesthetic.


Classic Timber Tops

There’s a homely quality in having a timber benchtop. Timber gives warmth to the look of the room. It’s common to pair a timber benchtop with white as it gives it a more sophisticated look and it grounds the appearance of timber in the room.


The increasingly common Concrete

Another popular choice of material when it comes to kitchen benches is engineered-stone that is made to look like concrete. Resilient, long lasting, and creative, concrete is a modern choice. Real concrete provides a unique finish that looks great in kitchens. However, they do tend to gradually change texture and appearance.

Some benchtop renovations can be an expensive investment, but it adds great value to your property, and with Fix Sell Pay, you can renovate for profit and just pay us after your house is sold!