Tips on mixing and matching patterns

16 Apr, 2019 | blog

If you would like to renovate a part of the house and make it appear livelier, you’re likely going to consider patterns as a good way of adding some interesting touch to the rooms. However, patterns can be considered intimidating by many, as simple mixing of the wrong styles can make the room look untidy and cluttered. Luckily, there are many tips and tricks if you want to style rooms with patterns in a way that can enhance the appearance of the room and make it look even more attractive. Here are some tips when mixing and matching patterns:

Take note of the variation of your scales

The scale of patterns can be small, medium, or big. Having patterns of varying scale sizes can look more pleasing to the eye than having lots of patterns of the same scale. Having more than one pattern with similar scales have the possibility of making the room look messy, and nobody wants an eyesore.

Consider starting with one bold pattern

An easy way of mixing other patterns is by deciding on one pattern and learning to start from there. Incorporate ones that will complement it or something that can nicely contrast the look. If you have a pattern in mind, it’s recommended that the largest pattern incorporates all the colours of your colour scheme while the smaller partners have some of the colours.

Add some solids

When you have the patterns for your design and they seem overwhelming, adding some solids to come between the dizzying patterns can help elevate the look and make it softer. This method is a good way to ground the look of the room.

Group similar styles together

Patterns look best when blended with similar styles. For example, traditional-looking patterns with the same style often complement the appeal of the whole place rather than carelessly mixing it with a contemporary choice of pattern. It also helps when the patterns have a consistent hue that makes them look more blended.

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