Tips on improving your kitchen when renovating for a profit

26 Sep, 2019 | blog

There’s nothing more pleasing to buyers than the idea they’re getting their money’s worth buying a house that seems grand yet affordable. When renovating for profit, the kitchen is a great place to start, as it can help the house look more expensive than it seems. A stylish, comfortable kitchen will undoubtedly impress those looking for a new house. Here are some ideas that can help you transform your kitchen into a more appealing area of your home.

Timeless Appeal

A classy-looking kitchen that can withstand the test of time is a win. Trends will come and go, so choosing overly-trendy pieces might be a risky move. Timeless options will be more beneficial in the long run. Having neutral-coloured floors and walls, or choosing a scheme with a nice tonal contrast, are both great looks for kitchens, not just for the timeless aesthetic appeal, but it will also keep the kitchen from looking cluttered.

Make your walls look more dimensional

You can add some decorative touches to your kitchen that can make it look dynamic, and at the same time, maintain its organized look. Find a place for artwork, or add some symmetrical lines molded on empty walls to add life to your kitchen.

Strategies where to place ornate lighting

Great lighting is vital for any kitchen, so take your time in choosing the right lights to make your kitchen look luxurious and functional. Prioritise task lighting for areas where cooking and food preparation takes place, and then add elaborate and ornate lighting for areas that can have accent or ambient lighting.

Mind the Kitchen Layout

It’s good to keep in mind when renovating houses to sale, that a place can look luxurious if it looks like it has more space. However, make sure to keep the work surfaces for cooking intact so it’s easier to navigate. Open-plan kitchens will make the room feel wider, and concealed storage is a nice way of keeping things out of sight while also making the room look tidy.

Renovation Houses to Sale

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