Renovation Tips: Rendering your house

11 Feb, 2019 | blog

How do I sell my property? — that’s probably your question as you look at the house that you’ve been trying to sell for ages.
Selling your house while its external appearance looks a little outdated can be discouraging to buyers. Even if it’s an older property, the house should still look presentable and in its best state. To do so many people opt for rendering, which is the process of applying a certain kind of coating to the exterior of their house. This is an effective way of adding value to your home. Here are the advantages of choosing to render your property:

Improves the appearance of your house

One of the key reasons why people render their house is it drastically improves the look of the house. The dated details of your house, such as shabby-looking and cracked walls, can make your property look old and unattractive, which may turn buyers away. Rendering gives your house a smooth and clean finish, making the property look more contemporary and appealing to buyers.

Its good for weatherproofing your house

Rendering is a good way of protecting your walls from certain elements they may encounter through the years. Since it serves as an additional barrier, it serves as a good measure of protection from debris and water that can damage the state of your walls. With rendering, you can protect your home from the weather, especially when it comes to rainwater.

It improves thermal efficiency of your house

Rendering can also be a good way of increasing the external insulation of your house. It can be incorporated into full external insulation systems, and the help of rendering can make it cheaper. This will also help with a lot of savings when it comes to heating bills, which can add a good value to your property.

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