How to Paint to Sell for Maximum Profit


How to Paint to Sell For Maximum Profit.

Prepare your property to sell and profit.

Freshen up the feel of your house and increase the potential market value.

Paint the interior and exterior of your home.

Paint colour impacts the potential sale value of your home.

First impressions count. Especially as prospective home buyers in 2019 begin their search online. Recently painted homes present well in digital listing photos. Creating a mass-market appeal that can sell your home faster.

The most effective way to maximise your profit when selling your home? Create a well-maintained property the new owner can move into with no delays.

“Painting to sell is the most powerful way to transform your property. Typically, every dollar you spend in painting returns $5 to $10.” According to Cherie Barber (owner of Renovating for Profit).

Gain the Best Price and Paint to Sell Your Home Faster

Take the advice of real estate experts to sell your home faster and gain the best price. Paint the interior in a neutral paint colour that makes the room look spacious. Brighten the area in a flash and apply a fresh coat of paint to the ceiling.

Aim for walls to be the backdrop of the home rather than the focus. Try greys, light browns or light neutrals in white or beige. Shades of blue are also a great choice.

Choose neutral colours to set the tone, such as light grey, to create a relaxing space. Think the living room, bedrooms, hallways, or foyers and entryways. With no effort light grey, together with a pale taupe can make you feel at home.

White or lighter beige, and greige (a grey beige) work well anywhere. While muted blues suit the kitchens and bathrooms. Muted – not bright – yellows are great in the kitchen.

A professional painter can provide the cleanest and efficient paint job. But if you want to save yourself a dollar, you can always paint it yourself.

Paint colour to sell houses

Two tips If you choose the DIY option:

  1. Make your job easier and use the right equipment. And giving the final product a professional appearance.
  2. Note the temperature that you paint in. Cold temperatures outside can mean that the paint takes longer to dry and can drip.

If you want the best price when selling your home, here are five more reasons to get out the paint brushes:

  1. You have lived in your home for over five years. A fresh coat of paint will get your house ready for that successful sale.
  2. There are holes or patches in the walls that need repair and paint.
  3. There is any form of writing on any wall within the home.
  4. Able to count over one colour on any wall, not including white.
  5. Hang pictures on the walls, using nails.

Boost the price tag and attract buyers when you paint to sell your home.

Certain paint colour affect the sale price of real estate.. Shown in the 2018 paint colour analysis study by Zillow.

Houses in 2019 have seen a notable shift toward pops of colour. Painting contrasting colours throughout the kitchen and exterior of the property adds interest. More and more popular are the darker hues of paint in blue, grey and even black. A trend explained by the dollar value of particular shades of colour.

Paint contrasting colours on the upper and lower cabinets in the kitchen. Add a potential value to the expected sales price of $1547 on average.

The most common colour combination of top-selling real estate listings?

White cabinets contrasted with dark navy blue or black kitchen island.

Kitchen colours

  • Grey blues on kitchen walls sell for an average $1809 higher.
  • Accented coloured cabinetry, especially navy and red ones, sell faster and for more money.
    • Avoid yellow in the kitchen. It sold for an average of $820 less.

      Dining room colours

  • Update the dining room using the grey side of shades of blue. Design a more stately room; these sell on average $1926 higher than houses with white dining rooms.
  • Give a clean contrast to the colour with white baseboards and furnishings.
      • Avoid red as it sold for $2031 less.

        Home Exterior

  • Use the property’s exterior colour to give a strong street appeal to potential home buyers.
  • Greige – which is grey and beige combined. A trendy colour that increases expected sale prices an average $3496 more.

    Bathroom Colours

  • Featuring light blue in bathrooms sold $5440 average more than expected.
  • According to Zillow. Blue or purple hues such as powder blue or periwinkle fetch over $7000 more than expected at the sale price.
    • Avoid white as it sold for $4035 on average less.

      Bedroom Colours

  • Matte Soft Cerulean gained an average $1856 more.
  • Pair blue with white baseboards and stage a room with natural wood for an added appeal.
    • Avoid pink; homes painted in this colour sold for $208 on average less.

      Living Room Colour

  • Light beige and grey browns. Create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere that increases the average sales price by $2000.
  • Accent beige with a white fireplace and baseboards. Giving a clean and comfortable feeling. Include natural wood and add to the feel of the room
    • Avoid the blues they sold for $820 less.

      Paint the Front Door

  • Make a powerful impact on the sale price of your property with the least expensive home preparation possible.
  • Wow prospective buyers with a freshly painted door in charcoal, smoky black or rich jet black and value add a potential average $6271.

    Renovating for profit.

Give yourself the best opportunity to sell your property for profit. Speak with a real estate agent. They know of the current trends attracting buyers to similar homes to yours.

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