Choosing the right curtains for your house

2 Jun, 2019 | blog

While they’re an overlooked aspect in the eyes of buyers, curtains actually leave quite an impact when it comes to defining the room and its features. While some people choose different window coverings like blinds, having a beautiful set of curtains can be a wonderful addition to the look and feel of the room you’re renovating. When preparing to renovate home to sell, here are some things you need to pay attention to before deciding on curtains.


One of the things you definitely have to consider when looking at curtains for your home is their purpose. Curtains have a lot to offer like privacy in a room, or they can elevate the appeal of a room by adding a contrasting color that pops and makes the room look exciting.

The light and the fabric

How much natural light you want in your room plays a part as to what type of fabric you’ll be choosing. Picking heavy fabrics like velvet is ideal if you want to keep the room warm in cold weather, and they can block a huge amount of light and cold from the windows. On the other hand, opting for thinner fabrics such as silk can make the room appear spacious as they easily let in natural light. The drape you would like for your curtain should also be considered when choosing fabrics.

The style and colour

It is a must to keep in mind that curtains can make a big visual impact in a room, so it pays to take note whether the style of curtain you’re looking at will actually suit the room. However, that doesn’t always mean that curtains should blend in with your walls or ceilings. Learn to play with contrasts or be willing to go for bold patterns if you think it fits well with the room’s colour scheme.

The length and width

Vertically long curtains can help a room appear bigger. When it comes to how long they should be, traditionally-styled homes usually go for curtains with fabric that touches the floor. On the other hand, contemporary homes have curtains that fall flush to the floor.

There are more things to explore such as the fabric types or colour schemes when picking the proper curtain. The overall decor of your home, including the small things that people usually don’t prioritise when renovating and selling, matter to the buyer.
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